Who is The Grackle?

GrackleDocs Inc. is a private Canadian company focused on creating innovative accessibility software for Google Workspace. And before we started Grackling, we acquired years of collective experience developing, marketing and selling industry-leading solutions for accessible electronic documents, globally.

GrackleDocs is a trusted Google Partner for accessible output from Google Workspace. Our Grackle Suite is comprised of the only Google Add-Ons that check and remediate output from Google Workspace to make it accessible. We businesses manage the challenge to rapidly share or publish accessible materials online—easily—creating greater equity for the blind and visually impaired.  

GrackleDocs can help you create accessible Google Workspace output, improve equity and inclusiveness, dramatically lower costs and mitigate the risk of OCR complaints which may result in negative publicity, government scrutiny, costly litigation or fines.

It is very important to note that although Grackle Suite catches a lot of accessibility issues, there are some issues it's not able to detect. That's why it's important to always review your work visually to find the issues hiding from the Accessibility Checks.