Making Digital Accessibility the New Norm with GrackleDocs

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In an increasingly digital world, the importance of accessible digital content cannot be overstated. It’s crucial not only from a legal standpoint but also for fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for all users, regardless of their physical abilities. GrackleDocs is the only accessibility software designed specifically for Google Workspace. Unlike traditional software that retroactively fixes […]

Fostering Inclusivity with Google Workspace Accessibility Tools

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In our increasingly digital world, fostering inclusivity means making sure that everyone has access to and can effectively use digital tools and resources. Google Workspace has made strides in providing cloud-based solutions accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. But to truly embrace inclusivity, we must leverage the power of accessibility tools that enhance […]

Empowering Accessibility in Higher Education: The Role of GrackleDocs

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In an increasingly digital age, accessibility in higher education is paramount. As educators, we strive to provide equal opportunities to every student, making learning inclusive, diverse, and adaptable. The reality, however, is that crafting accessible digital content can be challenging. This is where GrackleDocs comes in, a powerful tool designed to ease the creation of […]

Google Slides and Accessibility

Creating accessible digital content is a crucial task for those generating digital documents. It’s a way of ensuring that information is accessible to the broadest possible audience. Google Slides, a prevalent tool for crafting presentations, allows users to share their ideas and facilitates effective collaboration. However, creating accessible documents from Google Slides can present challenges. […]

Springfield Technical Community College

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Grackle has been a great asset for teaching student tutors about accessibility. It is easy to demonstrate ways to develop accessible documents and make quick improvements. Everyone on our campus uses Google Workspace tools, and now everyone can check for accessibility.  The “Export to PDF” option is also fantastic for retaining accessibility!  Marisha Marks, Instructional […]

Tech4Good Awards

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We are thrilled to announce that Grackle is a finalist in the Tech4Good AwardsYou can learn more here: Tech4Good Awards Announcement

Welcome to the new website!

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The Grackle has been growing up, and fast. From our humble beginnings to now servicing over 150 customers in multiple countries. 5 years ago we started with an accessibility solution just for Google Docs and moved swiftly on to Sheets and Slides to form The Grackle Suitetm. The new website now more accurately represents the […]


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I was struggling with a few techniques for making Google Docs and Google Slides accessible. The Grackle add-on has been extremely effective in addressing those techniques and quite helpful in other areas as well—and it’s easy to use! Thank you Grackle; you’ve given me the confidence to share Google Workspace files once again. Dennis Lembree, Director of […]

Grackle is FIVE years old!

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A short conversation between founder members using Google G Suite (now Workspace) to collaborate on projects — that was how Grackle was born. While Google was working hard to make their user experience more and more accessible, the underlying content was less controlled. Each document author could create a document in any shape and size […]