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Grackle for Business

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Workspace Accessible

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It's Smart

Accessibility is Good for Business!

In the US, people with disabilities have $490 billion in disposable income
(American Institutes for Research)

People with disabilities have an estimated spending power of about $25 billion> annually across Canada

UK vendors are at risk of losing £249 billion a year by ignoring consumers with disabilities
(UK Government)

It's The Law

Grackle Suite enables commercial organizations to mitigate the risk of legal complaints which might result in negative publicity, government scrutiny, costly litigation or large fines.

How? By helping to meet legal requirements for ADA & Title II compliance in the US, the UK’s Equality Act 2010 and similar legislation around the world, not only for websites, but for all other types of Google Workspace output created.

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It's Just The Right Thing To Do!

Ensure Every Client, Investor, Employee and Prospect Can Access Your Documents.

Many of us fail to consider the visually-impaired browsing experience. It’s a greatly underestimated area — as many as 20% of screen users have some form of visual impairment. 1 in 3 adults will experience blindness or partial sight as they age.

If your documents are inaccessible, you’re losing business and credibility.

"The team at Grackle Docs was great to work with. They got us up and running in a matter of hours just in time for a training session. The product is very simple for end users and quickly creates accessible content for our new website."
Mark Nelson
Executive Director of Technology
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Grackling coudn’t be more simple.

  1. From the Add-ons menu, select Grackle Docs/Sheets/Slides.
  2. A sidebar will open up that will identify errors and warnings.
  3. Click on each error and warning for guidance on how to resolve each issue.
  4. Clicking the “Here” button on any flagged item will take you to that item in your document to review.
  5. Address each issue one at a time throughout the document.
  6. Select the “Re-Check” button at the top of the window when you have completed each task to receive an updated report.
  7. Continue to revise until all checks have passed.

Bonus Points!

  • With the Docs Add-on you can also select to create accessible PDF from the Export to PDF function at the top right of the Add-on
  • With the Sheets Add-on you can also select to create accessible HTML from the Export to HTML function at the top right of the Add-on

Grackle Suite

For Business
$ Contact Us Annually, Per User, Per Domain
  • Accessibility Add-Ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Unlimited Accessibility Checks
  • Unlimited Remediation Assistance
  • Unlimited Tagged PDF from Docs & Slides
  • Unlimited Accessible HTML from Sheets
  • Email Support