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Grackle for Education

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Docs Accessible

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Staff and Administrators

Grackle speeds and simplifies the creation of accessible documents by giving disability and assistive technology services staff a powerful remediation solution that works right in Google’s Applications.

Faculty and Students

Faculty and students can create accessible documents with a click-and-fix guided remediation tool. Grackle helps users learn about accessibility standards and can be run repeatedly as documents evolve.

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Create. Remediate. Educate.

When document creators have simple remediation tools, they use them. That means more accessible documents on campus and in the classroom.

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Who's Buying?

Our customers are professional educators in small, medium and large, rural and urban school districts, colleges and universities.

They work in a wide variety of roles like those below, among others.
Do these sound familiar?

RoleAccessibility Challenge
Rural public school Special Ed. teacher of students with visual impairments (TSVI)
An urgent need to help some blind students, but you’re on your own to find a solution and funding is almost impossible to get, so price is a big factor in your decision
Group of university Faculty accessibility advocates
With a vision of what could be possible to make G Suite Docs, Sheets and Slides course output accessible
College Online Learning Course Designers
Who must remediate curriculum to make it accessible, while teaching faculty to do it themselves at the point of creation not remediation, but the current workflow with MS Word is too inefficient
Public school Digital Learning Coach
Implementing G Suite-enabled pedagogical methods & apps across the district which has implemented Google Applications for Education (GAFE)
College Learning Management System (LMS) Coordinator
Seeking ways to quickly make G Suite content from Google Docs stored in the LMS accessible
Assistive Technology Manager at a state university
Looking to find inexpensive, effective and easy-to-use tools to help her students with unique needs
A single Webmaster at a large urban public school district
Charged with remediating G Suite documents in hundreds of websites for legal compliance with an OCR accessibility complaint ruling
Proactive campus Accessibility Committee
Looking for best practices system-wide
University Vice Chancellor or K-12 School Board Superintendent
Responsible for an entire division’s or district’s G Suite accessibility legal compliance
Progressive community college Academic Chairperson
Seeking cost-effective ways for faculty who use Google Docs and Slides to update existing curriculum with accessible content and ensure new materials are created with accessibility designed-in
University Information Systems Manager
With limited budget, responsible for ensuring only secure, standards-compliant accessibility Add-ons are purchased for G Suite
Small charter school Communications & Marketing Group
With a mandate to make public-facing documents on the website accessible, but limited staff to do so and an strict OCR compliance deadline approaching

Grackle Suite

For Education
$ Contact Us! Annually, per Domain
  • Accessibility Add-Ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Accessibility Checks
  • Unlimited Remediation Assistance
  • Unlimited Tagged PDF from Docs
  • Unlimited Accessible HTML from Sheets
  • Email Support
  • Team Drive Support
  • Per year, per domain or sub domain