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Grackle for Google Sheets

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Sheets Accessible

Large representation of Grackle Sheets interface

Click-and-Fix Interface

  • Guided, visual, step-by-step correction
  • Easily add alt-text for charts, graphs, or images
  • Zoom to any issue instantly. Great for spreadsheets with extra tabs.

Grackle Sheets teaches accessibility as it corrects.

Creators Learn as they Remediate

A Grackle Sheets user doesn’t need accessibility expertise. The Grackle checker outlines what needs to change and makes edits intuitive. Even your boss could do it.

Users learn about accessibility as they walk through it. It’s faster and simpler, and that means more accessible documents.

Back-and-Forth Accessibility

Because it works within G Suite, Grackle helps documents retain their accessibility in collaborative environments like schools and offices.

This lightens the workload and shortens the workflow of accessibility specialists and gatekeepers, giving them more time to fine-tune documents

Automatically Detect Tables in a Sheet

Identifies tables and can tag multiple tables with a click

Spreadsheet with multiple tables
HTML representation of a Google Sheet

Export to HTML

Turn your accessible spreadsheets into published, accessible HTML pages in a click. Set an expiry date for your HTML and re-publish your content with ease.

Read on to see a few highlights

Accessibility Checks:13 checks against accessibility standards.
HTML Output:Unlimited conversions to Accessible HTML.
Auto Table Detection:The Add-on will automatically define individual tables within sheets.
Table Structure:The Table Structure tab will show you the complete Sheet in a tree like structure.
Table Naming:Ability to name individual tables within each sheet.
Table Re-ordering:Move each table to the desired position within the Accessible HTML output.