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Grackle not Responding/Finishing

Why is Grackle not finishing or responding when I run it?

There is a long-standing issue with Google that impacts all Add-ons, not just Grackle.  Google has recently updated its own documentation to address this issue.

“If you’re logged into multiple Google Accounts at the same time, you might have trouble accessing your Apps Script projects, add-ons, and web apps. Multi-login, or being logged into multiple Google Accounts at once, isn’t supported for Apps Script, add-ons, or web apps.”

We know that this is not very convenient; however, if you are a Chrome user, utilizing Profiles can be very helpful.  You can utilize a profile per account and can easily switch between them and this way you can avoid this issue completely.

As a starting point would you be able to verify for us that you are logged in with multiple accounts and if so follow the Google advice from their documentation?

To fix issues from multi-login, try one of the following solutions:

  • Log out of all your Google Accounts and only log in to the one that has the Apps Script project, add-on, or web app you need to access.
  • Open an incognito window in Google Chrome, or an equivalent private browsing window, and log in to the Google Account that has the Apps Script project, add-on, or web app you need to access.

Also, for background information, you can see the bug report here that has now been open for over 4 years without resolution by Google.  We are encouraging our users to “Star” this issue to continue to raise awareness at Google.  Also if you have a contact at Google we are also encouraging our users to contact their Google representative to make them aware of this issue to hopefully put some additional pressure on Google to resolve this issue. 

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