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Other Accessibility Checks

On top of all the great things Grackle does, what else should I look for?

Alternative Text Context

Alternative (alt) text to describe images for people with visual disabilities.  Grackle will look to see if alt text is present but will not be able to see if it is contextually correct. A human check ensures that the content in the alternative text field matches the intent of the image.

Hiding Decorative Images (Artifacts)

Images like borders, paths, or unnecessary images should be marked as an artifact (not to be read by a screen reader) as to not cause distraction. Grackle will check whether something is tagged or not, but not necessarily if they SHOULD be tagged or if they are tagged in the correct way.

Hyperlink Context

Grackle will check if the hyperlink is set up correctly programmatically, but not that the text of the hyperlink shows the purpose of the link.

Use of Color

A human tester can determine if color is not used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element. Stating “Select the red button to close” would not be flagged by Grackle.

Reading Order

While Grackle is very smart, it cannot replace human judgment for proper reading order. The intended order of the content can vary widely depending on the purpose of the document and its complexity.  A shareholder report with tables, for example, may read completely differently or fail to align with the accompanying narrative text when relying on recommendations from an automated tool.

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